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Style Ref v2

Style Ref v2

Hi everyone, we're releasing v2 of the "style reference" feature today.

It should be much more precise about understanding style and it should be much better at not 'leaking' non-style stuff into your images.

We've also improved the way the weight parameter --sw works too, so that it's more meaningful and also has aa bigger range.

What are style references again?

Style references give you the ability to reference the style of another image or to keep a consistent style across many images. It's similar to image prompts but focuses solely on the style.

How do I use it again?

To use a style reference, type --sref URL after your prompt with a url to an image. To increase the influence of the style, apply a style weight (--sw) that is closer to 1000. To diminish the power of the style, set the weight closer to --sw 0 (default is 100). You may add multiple style references as well.

Here's a quick silly example using a crayon drawing as a reference. Anyway we hope you have fun! ❤️