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Rooms Are Open to the 1K Club

We're opening an early test of our "creation rooms" on the web today for all users who have made more than 1,000 images with Midjourney. We'd love your help testing! To use them, you'll need to visit our testing website at https://alpha.midjourney.com/

A few cool features in rooms:

  • It has text chat and voice chat
  • Text is separated from images so creation doesn't affect chat
  • You can make images together, see only your own, or view images that the room has liked (filter buttons on top)
  • You can easily drag images into chat to talk about them
  • You can resize the chat / image columns by hovering then dragging on the space in-between them

Please Note: If you create images in stealth in a room other people can see them (just like in Discord)

Some high level plans right now around rooms as context:

  • We plan to make it so anyone can create both public and private creation rooms on the website
  • There will be a lobby of public rooms and the ability to directly link to private rooms
  • We might create more rooms if one gets too crowded / frenetic
  • After watching a small number of rooms for a bit we'll open up creating rooms on your own

We hope you have fun testing the rooms. For now it's DESKTOP WEB ONLY (mobile is a secondary priority for us and will come later)

Room plans (hopefully next week): We're going to add in AI noise-cancellation for voice chat, then we're going to try adding a few more rooms and then we're going to open up rooms to more people.

Longer term: We'll let people make private rooms, then we'll let people make public rooms

We've made a few more updates in the past few days as well.

We now provide a easy 'sref code' for --sref random

Basically, if you type --sref random it'll replace it in your prompt with something like --sref 123456 (with a random number) and then if you type that random number back in like --sref 123456 you'll be able to get back to that style again

We've released a new algorithm that adds a quantitative measure of "controversy" to the community idea leaderboard

Check it out here: https://www.midjourney.com/ideas?type=leaderboard

Basically, "100 controversy" is average, 50 means it's half as controversial as average, and 200 means it's twice as controversial as average. We're defining "Controversy" as the difference in importance between "enthusiasts" and "skeptics."

Have fun this weekend!