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Halting free-gpu rewards

Halting free-gpu rewards

Hey @everyone @here we need to halt our free-gpu rewards for image-ranking until further notice due to extensive automation / abuse.

Image ranking powers our front-page and helps us improve our algorithms, but a large group seems to be abusing it for free hours (perhaps as much as 50%) and it's starting to hurt our systems.

So basically, we're moving from a reward system based to a system based on altruism and fun to see what happens.

If you want to do ranking to find new prompts or images, or to help improve our algorithms, or help populate the frontpage, go ahead, we love you for it! https://www.midjourney.com/rank.

If you're looking for free hours, we're not doing it anymore, since it seems to be incentivizing bad behaviour.

We hope this helps us get better data, improve our models and make the explore page amazing.

Our team is also working on new special features like model personalization that will use your rating data, so your hard work will hopefully pay off in the form of new abilities.

Thanks for understanding and for being a part of this amazing community ❤️