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Personalization (--p)

Hey everyone! We're releasing an early test version of model personalization today. Here's how it works.

What is Model Personalization?

  • Every time you write a prompt there's a lot that remains 'unspoken'. Our algorithms usually fill in the blank with their own 'preferences', which are really the combined biases and preferences of our community
  • But of course everyone is different! Model personalization learns what you like so that it's more likely to fill in the blanks with your tastes

Model Personalization Requirements

  • Right now model personalization learns from votes in pair ranking and images that you like from the explore page
  • You need to have roughly 200 pair rankings / likes in order for the feature to work
  • You can see how many ratings you have on the pair rankings page, or by typing /info on Discord

How do I use Model Personalization?

  • Just type --p after your prompt, or turn on personalization for all prompts using the settings button in the prompt bar
  • When you enable personalization you get a 'code' added after your prompts, you can share this code to so others can use the personalization effect being applied to that image
  • You can control the strength of the personalization effect by using --s 100 (0 is off and 1000 is maximum and 100 is default)

PLEASE NOTE: The personalization is not a stable feature right now, it will change as you do more pair ratings (subtly) and we may be pushing out algorithm updates over the next few weeks. So just assume that it's a 'fun feature constantly in flux'.

This is a totally new frontier of image synthesis. We hope we discover a lot in the process of doing this.

Have fun!

Prompt of "a home --ar 1:1 --p"