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Launching V6 Turbo

Launching V6 Turbo

Hey everyone we're launching V6 Turbo tonight!

What is it?

  • Turbo mode jobs go 3.5X faster at 2x the cost (~10 second vs ~35 seconds)
  • These run on the fastest possible GPU machines (that's why it's both faster / more expensive)
  • It's great for groups, public events, whenever you're in a rush or have the 'need for speed'

How to use it / how does it work

  • Type /turbo and all your /imagine jobs will go 3.5X faster (at 2X fast-minute gpu cost)
  • Turbo mode currently supports regular /imagine vary and remix jobs (but not sref yet)
  • Any jobs not supported as turbo jobs run as normal jobs (at regular cost)

It's pretty wild do have V6 at 3.5x the speed. Enjoy and have fun! ❤️