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Web Updates

We've got a list of assorted changes and improvements going live today:


  • Fixed and improved feedback when uploading images into the imagine and chat inputs.
  • Dragging images into the imagine bar now works properly on Firefox.
  • Notification appears on the create tab when creating an image from the lightbox with an action button.
  • Improved error design and messaging in creation.
  • Fixed issue where Basic Plan users could select `Relax` mode, causing an error on every creation.


  • We're tying together the various help resources into a single /help page, which adds a help chat w/ bot. We'll continue evolving this page over time to help new and experienced users alike.
  • Loading the system status report is now significantly faster.
  • Bug reports are now sent to a dedicated QA team for review.


  • Rooms are now publicly visible to anyone with an account, though only those with web creation access can participate.
  • Opening large rooms from the lobby should be much faster.
  • There are new default rooms for Prompt Craft, Newbies, and Help to help users learn.


  • Option to follow your system's light/dark mode preference.
  • Many small stability fixes.