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New Style Refs and the return of free GPU hours

Hi everyone, two quick announcements:

1) We're releasing 2 new algorithms for style references plus a new 'versioning' feature

  • The latest version of the style reference algorithm (now default) is more precise and works for both MJ V6 and Niji V6
  • You can set the version of your style reference algorithm with --sv
  • There are 4 options to chose from:
    • --sv 1 The original style reference algorithm we released with
    • --sv 2 The one that was default up until today
    • --sv 3 A new version of sv1 with better performance and more 'vibey' than sv2
    • --sv 4 A new version of sv2 that with improved performance (this is default)

2) We are turning back on free GPU hours for image rating.

  • The top 2000 raters every day get 1 free fast GPU hour
  • Do image ranking here: https://www.midjourney.com/rank
  • These ratings help improve our algorithms, populate the explore page, and also will be used for upcoming model personalization features
  • Ranking goes fastest if you use the 1/2 hotkeys on PC or use it on mobile
  • Please take rankings seriously. We've deployed a new bot detection & abuse systems. Using bots for ranking or mashing random buttons over and over may result in your account being banned. Don't do it!

Hope everyone enjoys the new releases. Thanks!